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這是黃孫權的blog,或早期各位熟知的inertia’s blog。從早期的2001年的在blogger.com玩耍的經驗,歷經 upsiadMT,創建台灣部落格(鼎盛時期,約有兩千名blogger連播)與twinc(,全球120個城市站點之一),終究沒能定下來好好經營自己的blog。台灣部落格的最後,有位好心神人,留下了最後的頁面─墓誌銘(兼廣告):

Inertia announced in his blog that has officially died because the domain name has been took by other internet company. Bloggers under would be affected. He explains the current situation that “in taiwan blogosphere, it is simple to be independent, but to maintain that independence alone is difficult…” (zh) …… 儲存的頁面

約在2004年八月左右,我放棄剛出版的MT 3.1,重新在用Drupal架起自己的文章集散地,自然嘔吐多,盤算謀劃少。2014年左右關了,隨著破報結束一起結束。其實早在幾年前,我幾乎就停筆經營blog而沈迷臉書的方便,朋友圈的效應了。人生總是因為許多奇怪的原因而重新開始,為了整理自己的「數位痕跡」,證明自己的「數位存在」(digital being),如同四川碧峰峽大爺教的,人建好了自己墓園就無所擔心。於是我重新用wordpress建了自己的「數位墓園」(digital cemetry),假裝安心了。當然,死後仍要靠強大的archive.org建檔了,沒人會永生負擔網址還有伺服器租借費用,還能活著的時候記著一連串相關的密碼和有公私密鑰。數位存在如同存在一樣,或有湮滅時才需要歷史學家的工作,舊時的heterotopias.org在arhive.org還能找到部分痕跡。對了,這裡與其他我所建立管理的網站很像,因為我沒有氣力,相似的痕跡也挺好的。article是正式發表過的,journal是日常碎語,諸如此類,


As for the heterotopias as such, how can they be described? What meaning do they have? We might imagine a sort of systematic description – I do not say a science because the term is too galvanized now -that would, in a given society, take as its object the study, analysis, description, and ‘reading’ (as some like to say nowadays) of these different spaces, of these other places. As a sort of simultaneously mythic and real contestation of the space in which we live, this description could be called heterotopology.

有幾個方式很容易找到我,臉書上搜尋Huang SunQuan, 或者到我的mastodon站點上聯絡我。


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