即將進行的一些聚會(for bloggers, activsts, media-activsts)

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OCTOBER 27-30: Bangkok, Thailand
Association of Women¹s Rights in Development 10th International Forum (第十屆婦女權益發展論壇,泰國曼谷)

Novermber 5-6, 2005 (China Shanghai)
Chinese Blogger Conference (中文網誌年會,中國上海)

NOVEMBER 14-16, 2005 (Tunis, Tunisia):
World Forum on Information Society – Digital Divide, Global Development and The Information Society Conference. The Forum is organised in view of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society with the intention of contributing to the Tunis Summit and its Preparatory Process.(資訊社會世界論壇:數位落差,全球發展和資訊社會,突尼西亞 突尼斯(突尼西亞首都))

NOVEMBER 16-18, 2005 (Tunis, Tunisia):
WSIS II Summit. The second phase of the WSIS will review the implementation of the Action Plan and will set new (and more detailed) targets for the period 2005-2015. It will also deal with the important unfinished business of the first phase, e.g. the governance of the internet and the question of financing mechanisms.(上個會議的第二階段,針對未來發展的行動計畫)

Watch for civil society side events, e.g. by CRIS, and events outside the summit.(會議進行期間的會外賽,通常這個比較精彩)

NOVEMBER 17-18, 2005 World-Information Conference (Bangalore, India) ­
The two-day conference will host distinguished international and local speakers and will focus on the culture of ŒOpen Source¹ as well as on issues of ’Intellectual Property¹. Special attention will be paid to urban issues, i.e. how the city is affected by the IT-economy, and to issues of information control and surveillance. Up to 1.000 participants are expected to take part in the event in Bangalore, live streaming will enable a wider international audience to follow the conference proceedings.(世界資訊論壇,印度,孟買)

DECEMBER 5-9, 2005 (Bangalore, India): OURMedia / NUESTROSMedios.
5th International Conference. A transnational network with over 400 academics, activists, researchers, practitioners and advocates working across every continent and in more than 40 countries. Presentations mainly in English, with Spanish translation. (我們的媒體網絡(就是我曾經辦過台北小交流的那個組織),第五屆會議 ,印度,孟買)

DECEMBER 3-4, 9-10, 16-17 (Hongkong) new media and social transformation
conference (9-10) and workshops
A citizen’s media convergence paralell to the social movement mobilizations around the WTO ministerial meeting. Focus on Blogging, Independent Media and
Citizens Journalism, media education and social movements. Cantonese, Putonghua and English Language.(香港,新媒體與社會轉型研討會與工作坊,語言廣東話、普通話和英文)

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